Hommage to Robert Schumann

A film by
Pierre Viallet
with Marie Versini & Timur

Robert Schumann Kompositionen

With the film "Homage to Robert Schumann" two present day French artists pay reference to the great German composer of the Romantic era for his 200th birthday. Accompanied with great sympathy and organizationally supported by the Schumann-Network and the City Museum of Bonn from the very beginning, Pierre Viallet and Marie Versini trace both the musician and person Robert Schumann.

Pierre Viallet, Timur Sergeyenia und Marie Versini

The richly faceted, very personal film concentrates on the "other side of the mirror" (Jean Cocteau). "Behind every biography there is always a world of its own. And this world we try to approach“ (Pierre Viallet). From the here and now Marie Versini views both the composer and person Robert Schumann. Also in the embedded sequences from Pierre Viallet’s 1963 black-and-white film portrait of Robert Schumann, younger Marie Versini portrays the composer’s wife, famous Clara Schumann, in whose character Robert Schumann is reflected. The interlacing of both cinematic levels mirrors the destiny of Clara Schumann who survived her husband by 40 years and carried his work out into the world.

Versini – Viallet – Timur

Feature film: Homage to Robert Schumann – Running time 76 minutes
Extra features: Making of with interviews – Running time 11 minutes
Language : German/ French with English subtitles

Hommage an Robert Schumann


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Hommage an Robert Schumann – Preview

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